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Stacia is the absolute best! She is the sweetest and makes you feel very comfortable. Stacia is also a perfectionist and takes her time to make sugaring as painless as possible!                                         -Peach L.

Stacia was very welcoming and did not make it awkward at all. I was able to be comfortable with my session and she was able to answer all the questions I had about the sugaring process. The room is super cute and I would recommend Stacia to everyone!!                      -Dan L.

"I love Stacia’s sugaring service. She is professional , a great conversationalist and makes you feel comfortable as she is sugaring you, especially for your first time. Along with her sugaring service, her soaps are amazing too! Her handmade soaps are a dream to use if you’re looking for one that is on the more natural side and is still gentle on the skin and smells good. You can purchase soaps that have a loofah in them to help prevent ingrown hairs or soaps without a loofah if you don’t want the extra exfoliation. Her kindness, great personality and phenomenal services keeps me coming back. "

                                                                                                           - Victoria H.

Stacia is AMAZING! She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! You will not be disappointed. It was my first time getting sugared and I couldn't have had a better first experience than with being under the care of talented and beautiful Stacia. My results were amazing, it's been 3.5 weeks since I got sugared and my eyebrows just started growing back.                                                                                -Sloane R.

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